Tackle the Challenge of Digital Transformation with Sageflo CX Solutions

Tackle the Challenge of Digital Transformation with Sageflo CX Solutions

We’re in the midst of a tectonic shift that is bringing together offline and online experiences for consumers. The pandemic has forced companies large and small to accelerate the pace of digital transformation, bringing solutions to market that might have taken another 5-8 years otherwise—there’s simply no going back to how things were before COVID-19. 
The companies that will grow and thrive understand it’s ultimately about creating a great, frictionless customer experience. Therefore, it’s never been more important to invest in your digital channels and enhance the overall customer experience to maximize revenue while shaving costs.  

The CMO council found that customers consider the most important attribute of a good customer experience to be a fast response time. The second-most important attribute is consistency of response across channels. In addition, the Forrester Customer Experience Index 2020 Report noted, “Even a minor improvement to a brand’s customer experience quality can add tens of millions of dollars of revenue by reducing customer churn and increasing share of wallet.” 

Our solutions are designed to help you tackle your CX challenges and make an immediate impact to both your bottom line and customer experience while complementing your existing email marketing and customer experience management platforms. 


  • Saves a copy of every email, text, or direct mail piece sent to your customers 
  • Gives your customer care team the ability to quickly find campaigns and see them through your customers’ eyes 
  • Reduces resolution time on marketing message inquiries from 2-5 days to less than a minute, all while significantly improving your customer satisfaction scores 


  • Empowers distributed teams to send approved, consistent, and compliant communications 
  • Builds enterprise campaigns without coding 
  • Streamlines your build process to get campaigns out the door in minutes instead of days 
  • Gets more done with fewer resources

If your current email technology is not meeting all your needs or you’re ready to take your CX to the next level, Sageflo has a solution that can help today. 

Not sure how we can help? Take our CX Surveycontact us to learn more, or schedule a demo. 

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Sageflo + MessageGears Boosts QSR Brand’s Local Marketing Strategy

Sageflo + MessageGears Boosts QSR Brand’s Local Marketing Strategy

A common challenge for marketers supporting distributed teams is finding a solution that meets both groups’ unique needs. In addition to ensuring brand messaging and data integration is met, the platform also needs to be user-friendly for non-marketers to effectively connect with their customers at scale. With MessageGears + Sageflo, it’s no challenge at all. Click to learn how this integration enabled a national quick-serve restaurant brand to empower local marketers for 700+ locations, drastically improving user and customer engagement by leveraging their own customer data and community-driven messaging in just 8 weeks.

Not only QSR brands, but professional sports leagues, record labels, direct sales organizations, franchise and multi-level marketing businesses searching for a robust, yet streamlined distributed marketing platform can benefit from exploring Message Gears + Sageflo.

Read on to learn more.

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Case Study: Local Marketing at Scale

Pet Supplies Plus Boosts In-Store Sales by Enabling Franchisees to Easily Personalize and Send Their Own Marketing

Pet Supplies Plus is one of the largest specialty pet food retailers in the United States. Founded in 1988, Pet Supplies Plus is a franchisor and operator of pet specialty stores, which now serves over 30 states, with 500+ stores split across more than 100 franchisees.


Local Marketing at Scale

On a corporate level, Pet Supplies Plus runs a highly integrated, sophisticated email marketing program. With promotional, lifecycle, triggered, and transactional campaigns landing in customers’ inboxes on a regular basis, they have built a reliable marketing channel that’s data-driven and personalized.

However, Pet Supplies Plus’ over 100 franchisees were much more limited in terms of the types of campaigns they could send out to customers of their own local stores and the process was cumbersome. Due to the sheer number of franchisees and logistical complexities, Pet Supplies Plus giving local franchisees access to the corporate email marketing platform was not an option. After all, the corporate team would lose all control over branding and segmentation.

That meant that franchisees were stuck sending campaigns on their own, at the individual store-level, without the ability to analyze and optimize campaign performance. They also didn’t have visibility into the corporate marketing calendar, which sometimes led to instances of customers receiving conflicting offers—one corporate, one local.


Sageflo Bridges the Gap with a Simple, Streamlined Tool

To solve this issue, Pet Supplies Plus rolled out Sageflo to franchisees from coast to coast. Built as an easy-to-use web-based platform, Sageflo gives local franchisees access to on-brand design templates, copy, images, and audience segmentation—all approved by the corporate marketing team. This tool makes it easy for busy franchise owners to quickly build, deploy, and analyze emails across all their stores.

Plus, the Sageflo plug-in allows the corporate team to share their marketing calendar, enabling franchisees to be more strategic about their cadence and content.

Sageflo took our franchise marketing to another level.

Before Sageflo, our franchisees were required to create individual emails for every store owned, making the process of sending community-focused emails incredibly inefficient. Performance reporting on those emails was limited to standard email engagement metrics and again, there was one report for each store!

Sageflo streamlined our franchisees’ marketing efforts, making it easy to communicate with their stores at multiple levels, including district and whole ownership group, and providing access to more robust reporting. At the same time, it has improved the alignment between our corporate marketing team and franchise owners through standardized templates, shared marketing calendars, and targeted segment types.

Sageflo is one of the highlights of our franchise marketing platform at Pet Supplies Plus!

Craig Clark • Director of Neighbor Relationship Marketing & Data Analytics • Pet Supplies Plus


Increased Quantity and Quality of Local Email Marketing

Over the first 12 months of using Sageflo, franchisees have sent over 2,000 campaigns, with 5,000 estimated to be sent next year. Franchisees have seen their email click-to-open rate (CTOR) increase by 19%. Average basket size has increased by 12%—likely thanks to having better access to reporting on how customers are interacting with their emails.

The benefits aren’t limited to local franchisees. Pet Supplies Plus’ corporate marketing team is also spending much less time overseeing franchisee campaigns, giving them more time to focus on other strategic objectives.


Read about how Sageflo works at sageflo.com or contact us at info@sageflo.com and we’d be happy to tell you more about Sageflo!

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One Tool, Many Uses

One Tool, Many Uses

In our previous post, we highlighted the importance of the right tools—but how do you know which tool you need when, and how do you even use it? The beauty of Archiver is it’s not just one tool, but a “Swiss Army knife” for customer experience teams. It’s one tool with many functions that not only empowers your teams to effectively resolve customer issues, but also elevates the customer experience while saving time and money. Archiver gives you visibility into the exact emails an individual has received and how they’ve engaged with messages, taking the guesswork out of who-received-what-when.

Before Archiver, it could take days to track down the specific email or marketing message in question, and resolving the issue could require looping in legal, marketing, or other teams.  With Archiver, you can now resolve these previously-challenging customer care issues within minutes.

Here are a few examples:


“I’m not sure when it happened, but I stopped receiving the emails I love to get from you a few months ago. Can you see if there’s something going on with my email address in your system?”


With Archiver, you can check their opt-in status with Subscriber Lookup  and see if they’ve had any bounce or deliverability issues.


“I placed an order two weeks ago and the receipt was emailed to my work address. I just changed jobs and didn’t save a copy of the email receipt before leaving. Is it possible to resend that email receipt to me at my new email address?”


Using their old email address, you can quickly locate the requested email and resend to a new address directly from Archiver.


“This is Larry from the legal department—we have a customer that says we sent them an email offer with 75% off savings, but our store associates won’t honor the discount amount. The customer sent us a screenshot of the email from their inbox. Do you have a copy of the original email so we can see if that’s what we actually sent to them?”


Using the customer’s email address, you can search through their individual message history and forward a copy of the relevant message(s) to the legal team or confirm no message exists.

In an increasingly competitive digital marketplace, how customer experience teams effectively manage care issues can be the difference between a loyal customer and one who shares their frustrations across social media. In these cases, it’s rarely about your products or services, but instead the experience they had interacting with your company. By minimizing customer friction, you’ll maximize customer satisfaction—you just need to the right tools.

Archiver is a powerful multi-faceted tool and must-have for any world-class organization’s customer support toolbox. And, it’s a quick win, with minimal internal IT investment required for implementation. Give your company a competitive advantage while making an immediate and measurable impact on customer experience.

Schedule a demo to learn more

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A Marketing Win-Win

A Marketing Win-Win

Radiate is a win-win for both corporate marketing stakeholders and local owners. An easy-to-use, web-based tool, Radiate empowers local teams to quickly and easily create professional, on-brand email marketing campaigns without needing corporate support. We’re excited to announce our partnership with MessageGears, delivering a joint solution that helps enterprise marketing organizations take distributed marketing, through-channel marketing, and brand-to-local coordination to the next level.

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The Right Tools Make a Difference

The Right Tools Make a Difference

We’ve all experienced that moment of frustration when you need a Phillips screwdriver but only have a flat-head on hand. You try to make it work, but what should have been a quick task ends up taking at least twice as long (and not without a few bumps and scrapes along the way).

Having the right tools for the job isn’t just important for home improvement projects. It’s also true of customer experience and support. We hear over and over that Archiver is a game-changer for customer experience teams, their customers, and the bottom line. It’s a powerful tool and must-have for any world-class organization’s support toolbox. Read on to learn more.

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How to implement behavioral marketing campaigns

How to implement behavioral marketing campaigns

Marketers have been tasked with doing more with a lot less these days, making it even more critical to focus on tools and strategies that will produce both short and long term gains. In our guest blog post today, Elliott Smith from BounceX, soon to be Wunderkind, shares how behavioral segmentation is a smart strategy that can do just that. Read on to learn eight ways to drive better engagement and higher conversions while building a more foundationally sound messaging program for the long haul.

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Sageflo & Selligent Marketing Cloud Are Here for You.

It’s an incredibly challenging time—especially for marketers and customer care teams. However, in times of disruption, there are also opportunities to reflect on what’s not working and reimagine how we could do better. This holds especially true for how marketing and customer care can better collaborate and enhance the overall customer experience through improved processes and technology.

We’ve been working with the team at Selligent Marketing Cloud on several initiatives to share the tools, resources and inspirations needed now, to not only survive, but thrive in the long run.

Be sure to check out our latest joint blog post here.

Also, don’t miss an upcoming webinar hosted by Selligent Marketing Cloud on Thursday, April 30th at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET that will explore this topic with a group of industry leaders including our own Bernice Fung.

Register for the webinar here.

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What’s your plan for CCPA?

What’s your plan for CCPA?

Are you saving individual copies of your marketing messages? The new CCPA law says you should. CCPA as it’s commonly referred to, was modeled very closely on GDPR, the European Union data privacy act that became law in 2018. What you may not know, is that while both laws are similar, CCPA requires companies to provide copies of all unique marketing messages (such as email, SMS and direct mail) sent to a subscriber in the preceding 12 months. Read the article to learn about the requirements and differences between CCPA and GRPR.

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