Sageflo + MessageGears Boosts QSR Brand’s Local Marketing Strategy

Sageflo + MessageGears Boosts QSR Brand’s Local Marketing Strategy

A common challenge for marketers supporting distributed teams is finding a solution that meets both groups’ unique needs. In addition to ensuring brand messaging and data integration is met, the platform also needs to be user-friendly for non-marketers to effectively connect with their customers at scale. With MessageGears + Sageflo, it’s no challenge at all. Click to learn how this integration enabled a national quick-serve restaurant brand to empower local marketers for 700+ locations, drastically improving user and customer engagement by leveraging their own customer data and community-driven messaging in just 8 weeks.

Not only QSR brands, but professional sports leagues, record labels, direct sales organizations, franchise and multi-level marketing businesses searching for a robust, yet streamlined distributed marketing platform can benefit from exploring Message Gears + Sageflo.

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A Marketing Win-Win

A Marketing Win-Win

Sageflo has partnered with MessageGears to deliver a joint solution that helps enterprise marketing organizations take distributed marketing, through-channel marketing, and brand-to-local coordination to the next level. With Sageflo Radiate, a solution that enables distributed marketers to build highly personalized and focused messaging campaigns using corporate approved and standardized templates, and MessageGears’ direct data connection capabilities, all marketers within an organization now have the flexibility to send the right message to the right audience anytime.

Radiate + MessageGears – a Marketing Win-Win

Imagine this: You’re the marketing manager of a large national chain of sandwich shops. Your role includes creating and implementing company-wide promotional campaigns—think rewards programs, free birthday sandwiches, and announcing seasonal offerings. About half of your stores are franchises, who sometimes want to run their own local marketing initiatives. This makes you a little nervous—will they follow the brand guidelines? Will they stick to email marketing best practices?

Now imagine this: You’re a franchise owner of one of these sandwich shops. While you appreciate all the marketing support you get from the corporate office, you know you’ll be able to increase sales if you can do some truly local marketing—think local customer of the week, a campaign to support the local youth football team, or special promos during your town’s big summer festival weekend. But you lack the tools to promote these campaigns on your own, and every time you ask corporate for support, it’s a huge bottleneck.

These are challenges faced by all kinds of companies with distributed teams—franchise models like the sandwich shop, international businesses in need of localized marketing, and multi-level marketing organizations, among others. That’s why we created Radiate.

Radiate is a win-win for both corporate marketing stakeholders and local owners. An easy-to-use, web-based tool, Radiate empowers local teams to quickly and easily create professional, on-brand email marketing campaigns without needing corporate support.

Corporate stakeholders are able to set the kind of guardrails that ensure consistent, on-brand creative, like creating templates, providing approved imagery and logos, and setting brand colors and fonts. They can even pre-define segments so local teams can only send emails to their own subscribers.

Local franchise owners and distributed team members don’t need a technical background to create, proof, and send beautiful campaigns, nor do they have to wait for corporate to sign off on their creative.

Distributed team members don’t need a login to the corporate ESP, but every email built in Radiate is sent from there—which is a benefit to corporate marketing teams interested in accurate reporting. And, sending from the ESP means that marketers can still take advantage of features like dynamic content, product recommendations, and frequency governance.

Radiate is a powerful new tool that unlocks scalable marketing opportunities in all parts of your business. The power of combining MessageGears’ unique direct data connection with Sageflo Radiate’s ability to enable a more coordinated and streamlined distributed marketing strategy from the top allows enterprise companies to empower marketers at the local level, building better relationships with their customers, and creating higher engagement and brand loyalty.

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Posted by Aaron Smith in Collaboration, Partners, Radiate