One Tool, Many Uses

In our previous post, we highlighted the importance of the right tools—but how do you know which tool you need when, and how do you even use it? The beauty of Archiver is it’s not just one tool, but a “Swiss Army knife” for customer experience teams. It’s one tool with many functions that not only empowers your teams to effectively resolve customer issues, but also elevates the customer experience while saving time and money. Archiver gives you visibility into the exact emails an individual has received and how they’ve engaged with messages, taking the guesswork out of who-received-what-when.

Before Archiver, it could take days to track down the specific email or marketing message in question, and resolving the issue could require looping in legal, marketing, or other teams.  With Archiver, you can now resolve these previously-challenging customer care issues within minutes.

Here are a few examples:


“I’m not sure when it happened, but I stopped receiving the emails I love to get from you a few months ago. Can you see if there’s something going on with my email address in your system?”


With Archiver, you can check their opt-in status with Subscriber Lookup  and see if they’ve had any bounce or deliverability issues.


“I placed an order two weeks ago and the receipt was emailed to my work address. I just changed jobs and didn’t save a copy of the email receipt before leaving. Is it possible to resend that email receipt to me at my new email address?”


Using their old email address, you can quickly locate the requested email and resend to a new address directly from Archiver.


“This is Larry from the legal department—we have a customer that says we sent them an email offer with 75% off savings, but our store associates won’t honor the discount amount. The customer sent us a screenshot of the email from their inbox. Do you have a copy of the original email so we can see if that’s what we actually sent to them?”


Using the customer’s email address, you can search through their individual message history and forward a copy of the relevant message(s) to the legal team or confirm no message exists.

In an increasingly competitive digital marketplace, how customer experience teams effectively manage care issues can be the difference between a loyal customer and one who shares their frustrations across social media. In these cases, it’s rarely about your products or services, but instead the experience they had interacting with your company. By minimizing customer friction, you’ll maximize customer satisfaction—you just need to the right tools.

Archiver is a powerful multi-faceted tool and must-have for any world-class organization’s customer support toolbox. And, it’s a quick win, with minimal internal IT investment required for implementation. Give your company a competitive advantage while making an immediate and measurable impact on customer experience.

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Posted by Julian Scott