Case Study: Everyone on the Same Page

Pet Supplies Plus Improves CX by Connecting Marketing and Customer Care

Pet Supplies Plus is one of the largest specialty pet food retailers in the United States. Founded in 1988, Pet Supplies Plus is a franchisor and operator of pet specialty stores, which now serves over 30 states, with 500+ stores split across more than 100 franchisees.

Pet Supplies Plus - Minus the hassel.


Lack of Data and Visibility

When it comes to technology, the Pet Supplies Plus team prides themselves on their highly integrated approach to marketing and customer data. However, the one challenge they continue to face was not having a holistic view of messages sent to customers across their key marketing channels – email, SMS and direct mail.

Before using Archiver, teams including Neighbor Services (i.e. Customer Care) were unable to see individual messages sent to customers and had no easy way of resending critical communications when requested. Neighbor Services would often rely on Marketing to help address email-related inquiries, which could take from hours to days, affecting both internal efficiency and their overall customer experience.

To add to the challenge, the Marketing team knew they had a solid messaging strategy, but without a cross-channel customer journey view, they weren’t able to see how customers were experiencing their programs in the real world. Having such a view would make it possible to spot where they had room for improvement and allow them to truly optimize their cross-channel marketing strategy.


Archiver Provides Meaningful Insight into the Customer Journey

With Archiver integrated into their technology stack, Marketing, Neighbor Services, and even Store teams were quickly enabled to see the individual messages sent to customers – from email promotions and monthly direct mail specials, to order confirmations and curbside pickup or delivery alerts.

Furthermore, if a message somehow got lost along the way to the customer, anyone on the team could resend that message or quickly troubleshoot whether it was an issue with opt-in or delivery.

Archiver has been a game-changer for our customer service efforts. We can now see the exact promotional and transactional emails customers have received, making it easy to quickly find resolutions to their questions. And we love how we can instantly resent emails!

Archiver has also helped us easily audit our new customer journeys and pinpoint areas of optimization, ultimately leading to a better marketing program and customer experience. I can’t recommend this tool highly enough!

Jennifer Nordstrom • CRM Marketing Manager • Pet Supplies Plus

Real-time access to a customer’s subscriber and deliverability status also made it simple for Neighbor Services team members to resolve opt in and opt out requests on their own and within seconds, without requiring access to yet another tool.

Finally, by providing a visual of all the messages received by individual customers, Archiver allowed the Pet Supplies Plus Marketing team to see how their programs were being received by actual customers. Spotting areas of optimization like messaging cadence, promotional frequency, and overlapping communication has been critical to ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Sageflo’s Archiver tool has been a star in my toolbox as a digital strategist. The Customer Journey view fills a marketing void by showing the exact experience of every customer across marketing channels. No more recreating with flowcharts, screenshots, and guessing (targeting communications!)

Viewing customer experiences across life stages serves three crucial purposes. First, it inevitably unearths unexpected communications – whether from other teams, targeting errors, or pesky legacy programs. Second, it shows you potential gaps in your contact strategy. And, third – it allows you to quickly convince decision makers of the need for improvement.

By making actual journeys come to life, Archiver allows a marketer to truly curate the customer experience.

Mary Kathleen Sullivan • Senior Digital Strategist • Shaw/Scott


Focus on the Customer

The decision to integrate Archiver across key customer-facing teams has paid off for Pet Supplies Plus, not only in the time saved across the board, but in customer loyalty, a stronger marketing strategy, and higher CSAT and NPS scores.

The Marketing team continues to optimize new customer journeys with regular audits within Archiver. Neighbor Services has been able to address and resolve more order and offer related issues immediately by being able to see and track email, SMS and direct mail messages. At the store-level, Archiver serves as a regular back-up systems for order review and processing, so teams can now efficiently process orders when internal systems are down.

With all teams working together via the data within Archiver, Pet Supplies Plus maintains a loyal following and phenomenal growth.


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Posted by Aaron Smith

CEO at Sageflo