Case Study: Distributed Marketing Drives Higher Engagement

National Restaurant Chain Drives Higher Engagement by Empowering Local Owners and Operators to Send Highly Personalized Messages

By combining Sageflo with the power of their Marketing Automation Provider, a national restaurant chain was able to create a hybrid marketing program that boosted confidence in their local campaigns.


Local Marketing at Scale

As a large national brand, the restaurant chain wanted to maintain the consistency of their brand standards, but also empower their local branches to have highly personalized campaigns.

Finding a solution that allowed them to send messages at a local level was proving to be a difficult task.

The brand previously worked with other solutions that tried to offer distributed marketing capabilities. However, these solutions were so difficult to use that adoption rates were extremely low and local teams failed to continue utilizing the tools. In addition, these solutions required far too much time from the corporate marketing team to support, taking vital resources away from other strategic marketing efforts.

What the national brand needed was a solution that was simple and easy-to-use for non-technical users on distributed teams, and required little support from the national marketing team, allowing the brand to effectively scale their local marketing program.


Sageflo Bridges the Gap with a Simple, Streamlined Tool

Sageflo enables the brand’s corporate marketing team to build multiple templates to ensure that local operators select approved assets to send brand-consistent messages.

The easy to access shared calendar ensures that national and local marketing teams are on the same page and always aligned on their promotions and messaging.

The simple process of building and scheduling a campaign, selecting a targeted audience group, and submitting for approval in minutes, allowed franchisees to quickly adopt the tool. This resulted in significantly higher customer engagement and revenue.


Increased Quantity and Quality of Local Email Marketing

100% of operators who logged in sent a campaign within the first 3 months using the no code, user-friendly interface. Plus, A/B testing at the local level allowed the national restaurant chain to quickly see which types of messaging worked, leading to better customer engagement.

With Sageflo, the national team spent less time on local marketing support, freeing up availability to focus on other strategic objectives. At the same time, franchisees were empowered to send thousands of additional personalized email campaigns to local markets and customers that would not have been sent otherwise, building lasting, community-focused connections.


Adoption by owners and operators in first 3 months


Weeks to migrate all campaigns


Higher Open Rates for franchise marketing campaigns

Since launch, we’ve seen an increase in adoption from our franchise community over similar launches with past platforms. We attribute this to the ease of use within the platform itself – the step-by-step build process makes creating and sending emails easy and less daunting for many of our users. The ability for our operators to send customized email content to their communities has been incredibly valuable for connecting with their local guests.

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Posted by Aaron Smith

CEO at Sageflo