Helping our customers wisely find their flow, aka Sageflo

If you know us, you likely know we’re passionate about driving innovative, easy-to-use, customer-centric marketing technology solutions. What you may not know is why we do what we do.

We’ve collectively been around the block more than once and believe a great suite of products are not enough—we need a reason to get up every morning and keep striving to deliver more. For us, that reason is simple—we want to make life better for everyone who works with us, from our fellow employees, to our partners and to most of all, our loyal customers.

What does this mean for our customers? We know they already have more than enough complicated solutions, competitive challenges, and corporate pressures to face each day. We want to be the company that makes their day a little bit easier, whether it’s a friendly face ready to help out, or one of our solutions doing exactly as promised. We’re their partner working to make sure they achieve their objectives, cost-effectively and worry-free. This way, they can focus on their other not-so-easy-to-solve problems or maybe even leave work on time confidently knowing we’ve got them covered.

The Sageflo team has been fantastic to work with – they have gone above and beyond to accommodate our business needs, and in the event something isn’t possible, we work together to find the best solution. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with them.”

-Social & Digital,Senior Marketing Manager @ Major Restaurant Franchise with 800+ locations across the US

We help folks think more clearly about problem solving, i.e. working smarter not harder, which is where the “sage” in our name comes from. So that they can better manage their work, which is where the “flow” comes in. Bring those together and you have Sageflo. From our distributed marketing platform to our digital marketing communication archive, our solutions will save money, boost productivity, improve customer experience and ultimately make life better for all involved in our own unique way—and that’s why we get up every morning and do what we do.

Curious to explore how we can help make YOUR work life better? Let’s talk!

Posted by Julian Scott