We Help Better Connect Your Customer Care Team to Your Customers

As the saying goes, “happy employees, happy customers.” One of the best ways to ensure your customer-facing teams are happy, is to give them the tools to succeed.

As an example, we understand that one of the primary objectives in any customer care resolution situation is to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Often unnecessary challenges, like the inability to quickly look up an email or other marketing communication, can be frustrating and time-consuming for all involved.

Our Sageflo Archiver solution can reduce the search times from minutes to seconds. It empowers your customer care team to instantly find what they need and act upon the information in ways previously not possible:

 “I cannot tell you how many times I have streamlined a search for very specific and important customer communication using Archiver. Each time, the customer has benefitted greatly by the rapid response of the search as well as the instant resend of the email associated. On the flip side, because I’m able to resolve issues so much more quickly, I can help even more customers in a shorter timeframe. I am a super fan of Archiver!” 

—Sallee Baltierra, Reservations Agent, Alaska Airlines 

Sageflo is passionately committed to improving both the lives of your customers and the internal teams that work with them every day—we look forward to helping you foster “happy employees, happy customers!”

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Posted by Julian Scott