Case Study: Princess Cruises Elevates Its Customer Experience with Sageflo Archiver

Princess Cruises is a renowned luxury cruise line offering diverse travel experiences. With close to 330 destinations and visiting all 7 continents, knowing which cruises a customer has searched for and booked has become increasingly difficult. By integrating Sageflo Archiver, Princess Cruises was able to give both its customer service and marketing teams crucial insight into the email messages customers have received. This solution significantly improved the customer experience and increased operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Lack of Visibility into Marketing Messages and Customer Journeys

As one of the world’s leading international cruise lines, Princess Cruises values crafting exceptional experiences for its customers. Before adopting Sageflo Archiver, teams across the company lacked a comprehensive view of messages sent to different audiences. This limitation led to challenges in providing quick and seamless service.

Customer Experience agents and Cruise Vacation Planners were unable to access critical information sent to guests, such as booking confirmations and pre-cruise emails. Their view was restricted to static versions of email marketing campaigns, lacking insights into the dynamic content and personalized offers visible to guests. When guests called in for assistance, agents were unable to promptly resend important communications or access the guest’s unique customer journey. This limited their capacity to personalize interactions and resolve issues quickly. Any inquiry pertaining to messaging-related issues, deliverability, or opt-in status had to be escalated to the Marketing team.

In addition to fielding requests from the Customer Experience team, the Marketing team also had to manually map out customer journeys for executive review and generate cumbersome email history reports for legal and compliance team members. Each of these tasks would take several days to complete, shifting valuable time and focus away from marketing strategy and execution.

Faced with these operational bottlenecks, Princess Cruises recognized the need for a solution that could align teams across the organization with visibility into customer messaging

The Solution and Results

Sageflo Archiver Improves Customer Experience and Enhances Efficiency

In under a week, Sageflo Archiver integrated with Princess Cruises’ email service provider, instantly providing Marketing, Customer Experience, Legal, and Compliance team members with the ability to look up and resend any message. Now, whether Princess Cruises is sending a single email confirmation to one subscriber or a promotional campaign to millions, Archiver stores a copy of each unique email sent to every customer.

By searching a guest’s email address, Customer Experience team members can pull up a personalized email marketing history in seconds. The Customer Journey View enables agents to scan through offers sent to a guest, allowing them to better tailor sales strategy. They can also review pre-cruise emails specific to the guest’s voyage, which helps in providing more effective assistance with any questions. In instances where guests are unable to locate their booking confirmations, customer experience agents can swiftly find and resend the exact email, troubleshoot whether there is an email deliverability issue, or adjust the guest’s opt-in status – all without requiring access to another tool.

Archiver helps Princess Cruises solve nearly 10,000 inquiries a year via message searches, resends, and subscriber lookups. Armed with the right customer data, agents can engage in quicker, more informed guest interactions, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased customer lifetime value. By empowering Customer Experience team members with the ability to solve message- related issues on their own, Princess Cruises witnesses fewer escalations and a higher first call resolution rate.

The time saved from resolving customer service escalations frees up the Marketing team to focus on other strategic initiatives and discover additional areas where Archiver could enhance efficiency. Archiver’s Persona feature allows the Marketing team to instantly retrieve real-time customer journeys for specific audience segments, a process that used to take over a week. These customer journeys are not only used for executive level reporting but also for auditing the marketing program and identifying gaps in messaging strategy. Given the dynamic content in Princess Cruises’ messaging, Marketing team members use Archiver to validate that all personalization rules are working as expected and that the correct content versions are reaching the right customer segments.

Furthermore, in cases involving legal or compliance issues, an exact history of messages sent to a customer can now be retrieved and downloaded in minutes. This process previously took weeks at best and, in some instances, proved impossible.

Sageflo Archiver empowered teams across Princess Cruises with visibility into customer messaging, eliminating the need for back-and-forth information requests. This not only streamlined operations but also provided teams with the data to better understand and assist customers, positioning Princess Cruises for continued success in delivering exceptional guest experiences.

“Archiver has helped immensely in bridging the communication between Marketing and Customer Service. Both our teams receive inquiries from customers who are no longer receing emails or wondering about a particular email or offer. if it’s gone to their junk folder, we can quickly see and resolve the issue, and spend more time focusing on our strategic initiatives.

Additionally, we send very dynamic emails and Archiver allows use to ensure that the email sent to a specific guest was sent with the proper information.”

Amarilys Rivera, Email Marketing Manager, Princess Cruises


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Posted by Jennifer Yee