Distributed Marketing Also Means Distributing the Work

Despite all the headway in making digital transformation achievable, many brands still rely on batch and blast campaigns that are usually managed, crafted and deployed by their corporate marketing team. They are often overwhelmed by the amount of customer data and tools available today, which is then compounded by time and budget constraints. Given all this, it’s just not realistic to truly embrace and implement digital transformation despite the missed opportunity to enhance the customer experience and drive additional revenue.  

However, there are ways to create more time by distributing the work and this is where Sageflo Radiate can help. Our solution overlays most major marketing platforms so you can both tailor your marketing communications to your regional needs and preferences as well as share the workload with the team in the field, whether they be a local office, retail store or restaurant. This frees up your corporate marketing team to work on the “big ideas” while your local teams handle campaigns designed to meet their unique requirements such as sharing local events, promoting sales or sending out other updates.

“Sageflo took our franchise marketing to another level. Sageflo streamlined our franchisees’ marketing efforts, making it easy to communicate with their stores at multiple levels, including district and whole ownership group, and providing access to more robust reporting. At the same time, it has improved the alignment between our corporate marketing team and franchise owners through standardized templates, shared marketing calendars and targeted segment types. It is one of the highlights of our franchise marketing platform at Pet Supplies Plus!”

–Pet Supplies Plus

In the age of ever smaller teams and budgets, to truly deliver on digital transformation you must maximize your tech stack, strategy and team resources. More importantly, no matter how advanced your technical solutions are, it’s your ENTIRE team that makes them come alive and drive value. With Sageflo Radiate, you can now distribute the workload beyond your corporate team—now that is truly transformative.

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Posted by Julian Scott